Chimney Saddle Raw-Water Screen

Earlier this year, we were privileged to partner with TasWater to upgrade the inlet screen at the raw water Chimney Saddle Intake Channel.

Prior to this, TasWater employees were having to access the channel on a regular basis and manually clean the inlet mesh of debris – a time consuming and unsafe process that was eliminated with the installation of a heavy-duty self-cleaning channel screen.

Our team successfully designed, supplied, installed and commissioned this new 1000 L/s raw-water screen. This included a pivot system, allowing the screen to be lifted up out of the channel when the river is in flood in case of destructive objects such as tree logs floating downstream. Through Netco working closely with TasWater, around 50% of Launceston residents can now rest easy knowing that their water source is securely protected by a safer and more effective screening system.

Location: Launceston, Tasmania
Skills: Constuction

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