Raeburn Concrete Pump Water Supply

Hazell Brothers supply concrete for commercial, industrial and residential use, and have been designing mixes tailored to the Tasmanian construction industry more than 20 years.

Netco Pumps was awarded the contract design, install and commission the clean water, recycled water and septic systems for the new Raebyurn Concrete Batching plant located near Launceston.

Netco worked closely with the Hazell Bros project team to customise the water supply for both clean and recycled water ensuring all regulations and safety requirements were met. In addition to the supply of water, numerous supply points in the project were automated for optimal operational efficiencies reducing both power and water consumption.

The project comprised of clean water supply for operation and domestic use, recycled water supply, wash bays, automation and a septic tank system, all tailored to Hazell Bros specific needs.

“Netco completed the water service works for our project. Two separate lines were installed for fresh and recycled water lines where Netco assisted in the design and implementation of the works. Great support was provided by Netco by helping such as prioritising works, short notice to teething issues or works required and also provided communication on more effective ways to implement the design.”

Daniel Baker, Project Manager Hazel Bros

Location: Launceston, Tasmania
Skills: Constuction

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