Ebara 2CDX Twin Impeller Pump

Ebara’s 2CDX range of twin impeller pumps are constructed almost entirely from 304 stainless steel. The twin impellers make these pumps ideal for applications where higher pressures are required such as pressure boosting, water supply and irrigation. These pumps are able to handle moderately aggressive liquids.
  • Close coupled design -saves space; simplifies maintenance and installation
  • Stainless steel liquid end components -high quality; corrosion resistance
  • Back pullout construction -assembly and overhaul of the impeller and seal without disturbing suction and discharge connections
  • Top centre line discharge and foot support under casing -ensures self-venting and reduces misalignment from pipe loads
  • High operating efficiency-lowers operating costs
  • High quality mechanical shaft seals and O-rings -available for standard pumping requirements or optional high temperature and chemical duty operation
  • Industrial, commercial and agricultural applications
  • Watersupply & Irrigation
  • Cooling towers & Booster sets
  • Washing plants or machines
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • For the pumping or boosting of water in general