Hidrostal Submersible Pump

Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Immersible Pumps are capable of continuously operation in a dry installation as well as wet installation. They run with equal performance either in air, fully or partially submerged due to their closed loop cooling. Hidrostal Immersible pumps are capable of handling difficult municipal and industrial wastewater viscous liquids, fragile flocs, and even live fish. Hidrostal’s submersible pumps are offered in a wide variety of construction materials to suit varying applications. Immersible pumps are particularly suitable for installation where quiet running, clean surroundings, reliable and long trouble-free operation are required.
  • Clog-free pumping
  • High suction capacity
  • Low shear force pumping
  • High efficiency
  • Stable, steep pump curve
  • Long service life
  • Low pulsation
  • High pressure stability across a wide speed range
  • Wastewater
  • Industry
  • Food industry
  • Building industry