Pedrollo UP Series

The Pedrollo UP Series pumps are submersible clean water pressure pumps, suitable for use in domestic, light commercial and agricultural applications such as water supply to homes, buildings and irrigation of gardens.  These pumps are highly recommended for applications where water is being pumped from a below-ground water tank. These pumps can be supplied as a stand-alone submersible pump, or can be paired with an electronic control device which will work as a pressure system and automatically start and stop the pump on demand.  These pumps are distinguished by a high suction point on the pump which minimises clogging from silt build up in the water tank. The pump can be installed up to a 20m maximum immersion depth, and can be installed in either vertical or horizontal configuration.
  • Flow rate up to 120 l/min (7.8m³/h)
  • Head up to 67m
  • Maximum liquid temperature 40°C
  • Maximum sand content 150g/m³
  • 20m maximum immersion depth
  • Vertical or horizontal installation