Polyethylene Pump Station

Netco’s range of Polyethylene Packaged Pump Stations are a convenient, high-quality and reliable solution for any liquid pumping application. With a specific focus on reducing work onsite and installation timeframes, each pump station is supplied as a complete, factory-assembled package with pumps, pipework and electrical controls, purpose-selected to meet specific site requirements. Netco Polyethylene Packaged Pump Stations are available in standard sizes from 100L up to 6000L capacity. Custom-size Pump Stations are also available, and we offer complimentary site visits to measure up and ensure our clients get exactly what they need. Pump Stations require scheduled preventative maintenance and regular pump-out to ensure reliable ongoing operation. If you require assistance, you can book a Pump Station service here.
Model External Diameter Nominal Depth Nominal Volume
NPE-100 590mm 700mm 100L
NPE-250 730mm 900mm 250L
NPE-800 1200mm 1300mm 800L
NPE-1200 1200mm 1720mm 1200L
NPE-1600 1200mm 2160mm 1600L
NPE-2000 1300mm 2050mm 2000L
NPE-2400 1300mm 2450mm 2400L
NPE-3000 1600mm 2030mm 3000L
NPE-4000 1600mm 2430mm 4000L
NPE-5000 1600mm 3230mm 5000L
NPE-6000 1600mm 3630mm 6000L

Netco Polyethylene Packaged Pump Stations provide many key advantages for the installing contractor, including:

  • Lightweight, yet tough tank construction manufactured from roto-moulded, medium-density polyethylene.
  • One-piece construction – no on-site sealing or jointing
  • Packaged solution – reduced work onsite and reduced installation time
  • Safer for workmen – no confined space entry
  • Heavy-duty engineered base section – no need for concrete ballast*
  • Smooth inner surfaces – inhibits bacterial growth, very easy to clean
  • Engineered to AS/NZS 1546.1:2008
  • Mould-formed benching construction – minimises sludge build-up

*NPE-800, NPE-1200 & NPE-1600 models only. Please refer to installation guidelines.

Netco Polyethylene Packaged Pump Stations can be utilised across almost any industry, typically in the following liquid pumping applications:

  • Sewage
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater
  • Greywater
  • Trade Waste
  • Rainwater