Inoxpa TLS Close-Coupled Rotary Lobe Pump

Inoxpa’s TLS pump is a highly efficient and reliable positive displacement rotary lobe pump designed for sanitary requirements. This is a versatile pump, ideal for handling both low and high viscosity fluids. It is commonly used in the dairy, food-processing and cosmetics industries along with filtering and bottling processes. Products containing fragile solids are able to be transported without damage due to the specially designed lobes. This pump is a monoblock pump that is adaptable to any gear motor with a B5 flange. The pump features a stainless-steel housing and cover manufactured by investment casting along with two tri-lobe rotors with a sanitary design attachment. The pump is provided with adjustable hygienic stainless-steel legs.
  • Single external mechanical seal with sanitary design
  • Alternative seal options available
  • Helical gear unit with B5 flange in compliance with IEC standards
  • Triphasic 4-pole induction motor
  • IP 55 protection
  • F-class insulation
  • High and ow viscosity fluid
  • Products containing fragile solids
  • Bottling and filtering
  • Food, Beverage, Dairy, and Cosmetics industries