Round Panel Tanks

Netco Panel Tanks have been specifically developed to provide secure and convenient bulk storage for potable and non-potable water. The range includes either round or rectangular units to suit any space or application. Our tanks are locally designed, engineered, and certified to all relevant AS/NZ Standards including AS 2304.2019 for fire tanks and are seismic and wind design conformant. All structural components are produced either in-house or from selected quality Australian suppliers. Tank wall systems are constructed from pre-punched heavy-duty galvanized steel panels of 3mm thick base metal lap and seam bolted with M12 GR 8.8 heavy galvanized flanged purlin bolts and nuts. Liners are 0.75 mm heavy-duty PVC or 900gsm Strongline™ Reinforced PVC from a leading mainland supplier and come with a 20-year warranty. Netco tanks are available in standard sizes from 30,000 L to 1,000,000 L. Custom sized larger tanks are available. Our construction team is fully trained to build and equip your tank with selected custom inlets, outlets, top-up, or balance lines to match your application. We also offer complimentary site visits to analyze and discuss all options, ensuring our clients get exactly what they need.
  • Round or Rectangular tanks to suit your application
  • Solutions include designs for Fire tanks, potable, non-potable, reuse, and wastewater.
  • Locally designed, engineered, and certified to AS/NZ standards.
  • All structural components are produced either in-house or from selected quality local suppliers.
  • Truss, structural, roofing, and rolled components all fully galvanised.
  • Landing and ladders made for safety compliance including access blocker sheet.
  • Panels are galvanised 3mm produced using high accuracy CNC punching to our specification.
  • Liners come with a 20-year warranty from a leading mainland supplier.
  • Inlets and Outlets, top-up and balance lines are custom-selected to match any application.
  • Full signage, capacity, warnings, and level indicators provided.
  • Our construction team is fully trained to build and equip your tank to your needs.
  • Slab installation available or construction on your slab finished to our required tolerances.
  • Engineering drawings, concept drawings, slab design, and certification services available.
  • Local Tasmanian Engineered Design
  • All Galvanised components
  • Round or rectangular
  • Fully trained installation team
  • Fully warranted
  • Custom applications available
  • After-sales maintenance available
  • Fully AS/NZ Standard Compliant

Netco Panel Tanks are designed, engineered, and built from the ground up with total customer satisfaction prioritised. Netco Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian company dedicated to moving our economy forward.

Our company policy is to work with clients in liaison, design, and the provision of working solutions. Where water storage and distribution is needed we offer a full range of services from storage tanks to pumping, manifolds, connection, valves, holding and automatic control solutions.

We have been involved in major wastewater harvesting and treatment schemes with local councils and universities in Tasmania and Victoria, drinking water and sewage handling schemes with TasWater, mining, fishing, farming and industrial projects from Dover to Mt Isa, and have had major design, supply and construction input into the current irrigation scheme rollout by Tasmanian Irrigation.

For you the Client, we are a local supplier and construction team. We warrant our product fully, are here for an ongoing business relationship, and can offer full after-care inspection and maintenance service contracts should you require them.

  • Firefighting Systems
  • Reserved Water Storage
  • Potable Water Storage
  • Stormwater Pre-treatment Storage
  • Balance & Surge Tanks
  • Rainwater Storage