JWC 7-SHRED Industrial Dry Grinder

JWC’s 7-SHRED industrial grinder is well suited to difficult grinding applications. It has been specifically designed for applications requiring critical size reduction in a variety of industries. This large unit has the flexibility of customisation to suit individual and specific needs such as specialised cutters or working without additional spray or wash water. Its robust 2-shafted shredding system delivers slow speed and high torque to precondition, shred, or de-lump a wide range of industrial material including hazardous waste processing, recycling, agriculture and meat or seafood processing.
  • Dual shafted, slow-speed, high-torque waste shredder with hardened steel cutters
  • Automated Monitoring & Controls package to monitor and optimise performance
  • Rugged cast housing construction and direct gear drive for heavy duty shredding
  • Optional food grade nickel plated housing and stainless-steel cutting chamber components
  • Integrated steel scrapers to increase throughput and prevent material build up
  • Specialised cutter configurations and materials available for your specific application
  • Custom Hoppers and Stands made to fit your application
  • Recycling
  • Hazardous waste processing
  • Meat and seafood processing
  • Agriculture