JWC Auger Monster

JWC’s Auger Monster is a heavy-duty headworks solution that combines three of JWC’s finest technologies; a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. The spiral screen removes rubbish and unwanted solids to allow the treatment plant to run more efficiently. The Auger Monster screw screen is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and lowered disposal costs, as less water and faecal material are sent to the landfill. Firstly a Muffin monster or Channel Monster grinder tears apart rags, clothing and solid debris, enhancing the further processing by the screw screen. Solids are then captured by a perforated fine screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual wash zones rinse faecal material from the shredding screens. The auger screen then conveys solids to the discharge point where the integrated compactor removes water before depositing clean dry material into a bin. The Auger Monster screw screen is not just for municipal wastewater treatment plants.  Facilities around the world such as correctional institutions, hospitals and other facilities that need to remove solids from their sewage waste streams have been relying on Auger Monsters spiral screens for many years. An In-Channel auger screen is also available without a grinder for situations where there are limited rags and no large solids in the waste stream.
  • Muffin Monster or Channel Monster Grinder for enhanced solid breakdown and cleaning
  • Automated PLC monitoring and control system
  • Auger Monster pivot system for easier system maintenance
  • Vertical configuration option
  • Optional cold weather system and/or discharge bagger
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons