JWC Muffin Monster Manhole

The Muffin Monster Manhole is a pre-fabricated fibreglass sewer manhole with a sewage grinder, fully assembled and ready for installation. This product is the ideal solution when a sewage grinder is required but space is insufficient for conventional installations. The system is easy to install – just dig down to the sewer line, create a concrete pad for the unit to sit on and tie in the sewer lines. This system is perfect for applications where rubbish and drags must be ground up before it enters municipal wastewater systems. The Muffin Monster Manhole is customisable to fit exact site requirements.  Options include the exact depth required, inlet and outlet pipe diameters, top cover design and optional extras for the 30K Muffin Monster grinder installed in the manhole.
  • Factory installed guide frame and access ladder makes it easy to access the grinder
  • Customisable depth, sewage pipe size, and cover type
  • 10K or 30K Muffin Monster® grinder effectively grinds rags, wood, plastics, and other debris
  • Includes PLC to control and monitor operation of system
  • Grinding of rubbish and rags before entering municipal sewage system
  • Prisons
  • Nursing homes